The 2018-19 season has ended.  Below you will find our general practice guidelines and timing:

  • Grades 5 - 6 (Elementary School): 2 - 4 days a week

  • Grades 7 - 8 (Middle School): 3 - 5 days a week

  • Grades 9 - 12: (High School): 6 days a week

Additional information about practice activities and training is provided to athletes at the November Orientation/ Registration Meeting and at individual practices.   


On Monday - Friday, practice takes place at the Fredon Civic Center Gym located on RT 94 in Fredon, NJ.  Practice runs from 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm. Please try to arrive early.  In the case of inclement weather or other Civic Center closings, Coach Wask will notify members of any practice cancellations via email.  

On Saturday at 9:30 am, Polar Bear practices are held on the Paulinskill Valley Trail by the dam at the south end of Paulinskill Lake (on Paulinskill Lake Road in Fredon).

  • Fredon Civic Center: 436 Route 94, Fredon, NJ (appx. 2.5 miles south of Newton on Route 94).  Click here for detailed directions.

  • Lodestar Park: Adjacent to Civic Center, across from Fredon Elementary School (which is located at 459 Route 94).


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